Mousetalgia Episode 528: Destination D – Celebrating Mickey Mouse, Wreck it Ralph 2

Mousetalgia’s correspondent Lindsey reports from D23’s Destination D, and we bring you the scoop on the latest news and all the happenings from the Disney fan event that was held at the Walt Disney World Contemporary Resort on November 16, 17 and 18. Lindsey discusses the exciting panels, the intriguing exhibits, the exclusive merchandise, and the exciting opportunities she had to interview some of the special guests at the event, including Bret Iwan and Bill Farmer, the official voices of Mickey Mouse and Goofy, and Becky Cline, the director of the Walt Disney Archives. Then, Kristen and Jeff wreck the podcast and discuss Disney’s latest animated film “Wreck it Ralph 2: Ralph Breaks the Internet.” We discuss the cultural impact of the film, the impact of culture on the film, and all those Easter Eggs! Kristen also reveals that somehow, she didn’t know the film was going to feature a gaggle of Disney princesses despite the fact that we’re pretty sure we’d even mentioned it before on the show. Plus – Jeff mentions Mickey the inclusive Mouse, Kristen upcycles board games, Becky questions the Lion King, and Dave talks about the next generation of Star Wars fans.

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