How do I subscribe to the podcast?


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To have our podcasts automatically delivered to your player, download and install some podcasting software (such as iTunes) onto your computer. While every application is different, there are generally directions to “add” or “subscribe to” a podcast feed, which is generally as simple as dragging and dropping the podcast icon into your podcasting application, or copying and pasting the podcast URL (which is found in the icon) into your podcasting application.

Once you have subscribed to our podcasts, the next time you “Check for New Podcasts” in your podcast application, a brand new MP3 of this program will be automatically downloaded on your computer if there is a new episode, and if you’re set up for it, it will be sent to your iPhone, iPod or smart phone as well. Listening on an iPod or other type of MP3 player allows you the freedom to enjoy the podcasts while exercising, biking, doing chores, etc.