Mousetalgia Episode 486: Disneyland weddings and love stories

This week, Mousetalgia celebrates romance with tales of love at Disneyland and beyond. Whether you are considering a Disneyland Fairy Tale Wedding of your own, or just want to enjoy the memories shared by others, these stories are sure to warm your heart. With four mini interviews, we discuss everything from the food, entertainment and location options Disneyland can provide to the simple love stories that tie everything together. And for those of you who like a little edge to your tales of nuptial bliss, we also have a story of a rogue, unauthorized Haunted Mansion wedding as well. Plus – our thoughts on loving yourself despite the Valentine season, and more.

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00:01:37 – Roundup – Disney self love/care?

  • Jeff – slow down at Disneyland and find the best dessert. Have a dessert with every meal in order to track it down.
  • Kristen – Billy bookshelves from Ikea to give your growing Disney book collection room to breathe. Check Kristen’s Twitter feed to see how she did.
  • Becky – Bake something new, something that you want don’t worry about the others in the house. Make some macaroni and cheese just in case for the kiddos. Check Becky’s Twitter feed to see how her Club 33 shrimp dish came out.
  • Dave – going out with your loved one. Check back on a future episode to hear about Dave and Becky’s big day out.

00:11:05 – City Hall – Sweepstakes – D23 2018 Gold Member Gift (only slightly touched by Kristen). Email: sweeps@mousetalgia.com with your name and mailing address. One entry per person.

00:13:30 – Disney Weddings – Hear about Disney Fairytale Weddings, rogue weddings, and all manner of Disneyfied nuptials.

01:04:23 – Mousetalgia Hotline – Bob Gurr at Stage Nine Entertainment


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