To Shag or Not to Shag…

To Shag or not to Shag…that is the question. The dynamic uproar surrounding ticket sales to the Haunted Mansion 40th anniversary has left me pondering Shag in a new way this week. In just five short weeks, tickets for the Shag Spirited Cocktail Reception go on sale. For a lucky few, it will be an additional opportunity to celebrate the Haunted Mansion’s 40th anniversary through more tangible treasures. (For others, it might be a painful reminder of the server overload induced torture that occurred just a few days ago.) Whether our calendars on 09/09/09 are marked with a Grinning Ghost or a Black Widow Bride, the beauty of the Shag event, is that once again, we have a chance to be a part of Haunted Mansion History

The artwork for the Shag event looks amazing, and as an avid fan of Shagified Disney wares, my gut reaction is to get online now and prepare for what I’m guessing will be another running of the bulls for tickets. Looking at my apartment’s limited wall space and the $250 charge on my credit card for the event on 09/09/09 gives me pause to step back and question the necessity of my presence at the Spirited Cocktail reception. A few things come to mind:

1. Can the intoxicating idea of cocktails with Shag blur the reality that my tiny cottage could quite possibly explode if one more piece of Disney goodness crosses over the threshold?

2. Will a brief, impersonal handshake and photo-op accompanying $185 ticket be as life changing as the time spent chatting with friends over a hundred cups of coffee? (Or exactly 48 double cappuccinos – my current drink of choice – and approximately 72 hours of “quality time”)

3. Can the lure of an unknown, hopefully signed, commemorative gift over-power my unemployed, financially frugal conscience?

Yes, yes, and again – yes.

On March 4, as I hit the refresh button over and over again (once again, guests are required to register online individually) I’ll be hoping that the Happy Haunts are on my side. Only Madame Leota knows who will get a ticket, but with a little bit of luck and a lot of charges on my credit card, 2009 will be a Disney year to remember.


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