Mousetalgia Episode 487: Disney Q&A, “Pocket Full of Colors”

Character artist Brigette Barrager discussed her work at a recent talk at the Walt Disney Family Museum, and she talked about her research on Mary Blair and the Walt Disney Studios in order to create her latest book, “Pocket Full of Colors: The Magical World of Mary Blair.” She talked about the process, the story, and the importance of telling the story of Mary Blair’s career. Also – Team Mousetalgia answers your emails! Topics: blaming locals for Disneyland crowds; searching for Carl Barks comics; a search for Tokyo DisneySea information; beating the Disneyland blues; a magical holiday trip report; seeking out Disneyland history books; advice for a three-day Disneyland trip with kids; creating your own virtual Disneyland; a listener reports from Shanghai; which Disneyland pass Orange County locals should purchase; and trip advice for returning to Disneyland after a 13 year absence. Plus – can Madame Leota sign an autograph? Star Wars “From a Certain Point of View”; Walt Disney World food; and… Octogeddon?

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