Mousetalgia Episode 456: Disneyland stories, listener questions

Mousetalgia welcomes Deborah Breedlove back to the show to discuss her experiences as a Disneyland west side cast member back in the 1980s. She tells stories about the time the Haunted Mansion graveyard actually rained INSIDE the ride; the troubles with opening Splash Mountain; her take on the Pirates auction scene; and stories about times that cast members let their emotions get the best of them. Also – it’s time for more listener email! Topics include: our recommended resources for a first time trip to Walt Disney World; audio interviews with Imagineers; recommendations for young children’s first trips to the park; Disneyland history book recommendations; suggestions for solo Disney park travelers; suggestions for WDW veterans that have a single day to take in both Disneyland Resort parks; and a Van Eaton auction bidder shares his prize. Plus, Disneyland turns 62, and we celebrate by remembering some of Disneyland’s memorable anniversaries.

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