Ep. 641: Ask Mousetalgia Anything, part 2

This week, we present part two of our recent Ask Mousetalgia Anything special! Among the topics we discuss are our “favorites,” including karaoke songs, attractions and dining options, interviews, podcasts, churro flavors, collectibles, park memories, and more. We also discuss Charles Addams and the Haunted Mansion, Rise of the Resistance, returning to Disneyland post-pandemic, films going straight to streaming, Disney characters we relate to, podcast editing secrets, Inner Space vs. Peoplemover, Super Nintendo World, inventing Mousetalgialand, and first Disneyland memories. Join us (and a particularly disgruntled baby) for a journey into the mind of Mousetalgia!

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2 thoughts on “Ep. 641: Ask Mousetalgia Anything, part 2

  • Don Glover

    Hmm… Taking a dead celebrity to Disney might be a little creepy or maybe funny “Weekend at Bernie’s” style.

    • Well.. It looks like Weekend at Bernies was a Fox film… so I guess that is Disney now!?


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