What’s green, white, and red all over?

If you guessed a candy cane, you’re right! It’s that time of year when the masses flock to Disneyland in the early morning before rope drop hoping for a chance to purchase a giant handmade candy cane.

The tradition of the Disneyland candy cane goes back 50 years this year. At 15 inches long and $13.99 in price, this is one of the most popular festive food items/collectibles at the park during the holidays.  On select days in both parks (check the schedule for which park) the candy stores near the entrance of the designated park plays host to the creation of these pepperminty canes.

The process for purchasing is simple enough. You just need to be ready to get to the park well before rope drop. Today, the turnstiles opened about a half hour before the park was scheduled to open and once guests were allowed inside, a line for the candy canes formed instantaneously. Shortly before rope drop, cast members began passing out wristbands which designated the pick up window for our fresh candy canes.

While waiting in line, another cast member went down the line with a fun photo prop for the occasion in the shape of a *surprise* candy cane. Once we had our wristbands and return time, we were set to commence our jolly holiday in the park.

Unfortunately, we did not see the candy canes actually being made – or any candy for that matter. The candy kitchen for Trolley Treats in Disney California Adventure was surprisingly empty, though I suspect the candy makers needed to be at the park much earlier than the purchasers in order to have them ready by 10am.

While a wristband does secure you a cane, it is only guaranteed if you return between the designated pick up window. The wristband entitles the guest to one candy cane and no discounts can be applied.

Once the candy cane is purchased it’s yours to do with as you wish. It comes wrapped in bubble wrap and there’s even a gift tag on it if you plan on giving it away. You can do as I did and take it on a holiday photo shoot – it’s completely Instagramabale. Or perhaps you’ll decide to dig right in. Either way, a handmade candy cane will give you all the festive feels.

What do you do with your Disneyland candy canes? Let us know in the comments and Carpe Kingdom!


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