Expo Awkward Moments. #10 – The Cheese Stands Alone Awkward

Before I left for Disney’s D23 expo, my goal was to blog at the end of each night. Seeing as how my last entry was sometime in late July, you could possibly conclude that I missed the mark. But in the spirit of redemption, I, Mousetalgia Kristen hereby vow to blog for the next 10 days straight. And my topic of choice: D23 awkward moments.

Hear me first and foremost when I say that I loved the D23 expo. I had a great time, learned tons of great stuff about Disney and will definitely be returning next year. On that note, there were still some awkward moments. While some would find awkward to be awkward, I find awkward to be amusing. So for the next 10 days I’ll be blogging my Top 10 D23 awkward moments. Let the amusing awkwardness begin!

10. The Cheese Stands Alone Awkward

Nothing sets the bar for awkward like an empty ticket booth line. Every morning, we walked past eight ready tellers manning about 6 miles of empty queue. If business was booming, there might be a family of four in line purchasing tickets but more often that not, one singular fan humbly stood there, purchasing their one day pass to the magic. Was it awkward for the ticket sellers, the solo cheese that stood in line, or for those of us who hurried past? All of the above. It was so uncomfortable that I considered buying an extra ticket just to end the awkwardness. By day three, we had figured out how to scurry past, averting our eyes and pretending as though we were in deep conversation about whether Aurora’s dress should be pink or blue. As we fingered our silver, 4 day pass wristbands we told ourselves that clearly everyone had purchased tickets online but in the depths of our souls, we knew better.


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