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Ep. 63: Magic Key details, World Princess Week

Episode 63- August 19th, 2022
We finally have all the Magic Key news! World Princess week hits the Resort starting this weekend filled with entertainment, photo opportunities, treats and more and Raya will be officially crowned a Disney princess, spirit jersey spooky scoop, to celebrate the Magic Key news a new popcorn bucket arrived in Disneyland, a very interesting tree trimming has occurred in Tomorrowland, lots of new treats and food items have hit the parks and they aren’t even into Halloween treats yet, Star Wars Rogue One is coming back to theaters with a special sneak peak of the new Disney+ series, Andor, Disney World kicked off Mickey’s Not-So-Scary Halloween parties, and D23 Expo keeps announcing more exciting elements leading up to the event kick off in September!


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One thought on “Ep. 63: Magic Key details, World Princess Week

  • Marcos Torres

    I was listening to your guys podcast for the first time and gotta say on of the best ones I hear on Spotify that’s Disney related. But I was listening to how it’s tough to find a discount on Disney tickets to break even against the annual passes and I have a family member that’s in the military and you can get a discount on tickets thru them! And I’m considering getting a pass if it ever gets available and me and my gf were doing a full excel sheet comparing park hopper military discount tickets compared to passes. Just wanted to let you guys know that if anyone has someone in the military or use to be in it can get you discounted tickets but with some few blackout dates!


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