Mousetalgia Episode 502: Dining at Disneyland Paris

Mousetalgia talks dining at Disneyland Paris! Kristen travels to the Disneyland Paris resort again, and talks about annual pass discounts for lodging (and why concierge level lodging is mandatory – hint: it’s the food), and the food and dining experiences, including: tips on making reservations, reviews of the Agrobah Cafe, Café de Cascadeurs, the Inventions character breakfast buffet, and the “Petit Jean” experience by chef Jean Imbert, a 12 dish meal at the Disneyland Hotel which was inspired by iconic fairytales. Imbert, a Top Chef winner in France, created this eco-friendly menu, which included five wine pairings and one champagne pairing. Kristen reviews the entire Petite Jean experience, including 12 courses over the space of 4-5 hours, including organic leeks (with scissors) inspired by Tangled, lobster ravioli inspired by the Little Mermaid’s Chef Louis; Mrs. Pott’s beef broth, Lady and the Tramp spaghetti and of course, Remy’s Ratatouille, with sweet courses too – including Pooh’s honey, Cinderella’s pumpkin, Snow White’s poisoned apple, Sleeping Beauty’s (lopsided) cake and Jack Sparrow’s rum. Also – Kristen offers some notes on the Disneyland Paris attractions and shops and some general international travel trips for dealing with transportation and sightseeing in France. Plus – we offer a solo mom tips for an upcoming Disneyland trip with two kids in tow – and more.

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