Mousetalgia Episode 490: This week in Disney history; Nick Park

Dive into a week in Disney history with Mousetalgia! Let’s take a walk through a week in March throughout the history of the Walt Disney Company. Topics include Winnie the Pooh; Hazel George, Walt’s nurse; Howard Ashman’s legacy; Disney Afternoon at Disneyland; Harper Goff; and Mickey Mouse’s appearance in Plane Crazy, his first cartoon. Also – Pete Docter and Aardman’s Nick Park talk about the state of animation at the recently re-opened Cartoon Art Museum in San Francisco, and Jeff reports. Plus – a new tropical hideaway is planned, the Muppet Babies are coming back, the Disney Fashionista Blog, and more.

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00:01:13 – Bits and Bites

00:13:50 – Week in Disney History – This Day in Disney History

  • March 11, 1977 – Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh released
  • March 12, 1978 – Hazel George passes
  • March 13, 1928 – Loses rights to Oswald
  • March 14, 1991 – Howard Ashman passes
  • March 15, 1991 – Disney Afternoon Avenue opens at Disneyland
  • March 16, 1911 – Harper Goff born
  • March 17, 1929 – Plane Crazy short premiere

00:48:35 – Pete Docter and Aardman at the Cartoon Art Museum

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