(More) Ways to Enjoy a Disney-Inspired Halloween at Home

Today’s Guest Author is listener Nicole Bamberger, who you have likely heard on the Mousetalgia Podcast, providing “Ears to the Ground” updates! 

Hey, Mousetalgia friends!  You may have checked out my previous blog post on Easy Ways to Enjoy a Disney-Inspired Halloween at Home.  This time, I’m back with a few more ideas– only these ones require a bit more time and effort.  Hope you enjoy!

For the creative social media socialite:

For this one, it’s time to go to the ‘Gram.  If you’re not already familiar, there are huge Disney fan communities on Instagram for all different niches.  This month, try your hand at the following!

  • Decorate your home for Halloween with a few Disney touches, and submit it to an account like disney_at_home or my.disney.collection in the hopes of being featured!  Whether you prefer a simple, more understated style (try this or this), or something a bit more elaborate (try this or this), there is something for everyone’s decorating tastes!  (A few more that are particularly drool-worthy: this, this, this, this, this, and this.)

Bonus points for including a Hidden Mickey or two in your decorations!
  • Check out the #fallintodisneystyle Instagram photo challenge!  Hosted by Disney Style, this photo challenge encourages users to post photos based on the theme of the day.  For example, October 4th’s theme was the Haunted Mansion, while October 11th’s was a Disney Villains-inspired outfit, and October 14th’s was to share a photo of a Disney Halloween treat!  It’s a super fun way to get involved with the online Disney fan community, whether you’re snapping and sharing pics yourself, or just perusing the hashtags!
  • Dive into #inktober!  Whether you enjoy creating art yourself or just like to admire it, October is a great time to check out some spooky artwork.  While Inktober is not exclusive to Disney-influenced works, many Disney artists and Wonderground Gallery artists, as well as talented Disney fans and enthusiasts participate in this annual challenge, and sometimes their works feature a Disney theme.  It’s really cool to see all the creativity and the different artistic visions!
My friend, Rene Ramirez (animator_rene on IG), created this awesome drawing of Ursula to go with Inktober’s Day 4 “underwater” theme.

A few to get you started:

People of all ages can enjoy Inktober!  Pictured here, an artistic interpretation of the carnivorous Christmas wreath from The Nightmare Before Christmas.  (Turns out my six-year-old brother returned from our Disneyland trip a few weeks ago with a newfound appreciation for the movie, having experienced the Haunted Mansion overlay!)

Pairs well with: Playing old school Mickey Mouse/Silly Symphonies “The Skeleton Dance” cartoons in the background while you let your creativity flow!

For when you’re feeling crafty…

What follows are some ideas for those of you with crafting skills I can only dream of.  

  • Turn an old Disney shirt into a new work of art! The credit for this idea goes to my cousin Amanda Bedolla.  She is a huge The Nightmare Before Christmas fan, and a few years ago, she took one of my goddaughter’s old Frozen t-shirts, and using paint, turned it into a masterpiece mashup of the two movies.  

Elsa-Sally?  Yes, please!  I’m simply blown away by the creativity here!

I only had dimensional fabric paint on hand, so I had to improvise just a bit. While the texture is a little off, I’m really pleased with the overall result!

Have fun, and Carpe Kingdom!

Do you have any fun ideas for a Disney-inspired Halloween?  I’d love to hear them!  Please comment below!

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