It’s a con life for me!

Before you get too concerned, no, Mousetalgia is not condoning a life of crime. Con life, for the purposes of this blog, means convention life. How many of us have fallen down the rabbit hole of participating in conventions since the first D23 Expo in 2009? The answer can’t possibly only be Jeff, because each convention is seemingly well attended and brings together all types of fandoms.

Whether you are a seasoned pro at the con life or wanting to start a new hobby, there’s something for everyone at a convention. There are artists galore, celebrities to fawn over, and the chance to meet other like minded fans. Having experienced the most recent San Francisco Comic Con it seems suitable to offer some tips and tricks for successfully navigating any convention.

San Francisco Comic Con 2017Do your homework before you arrive. Make sure to check schedules for interesting panels and lists of important guests, so that you can have an idea of how you will be spending your time and what to prioritize and when. This simple step can save you time and possibly grief when you get there. If you are an autograph collector this step is crucial in order to have enough prep time for the perfect item to get signed.

Cosplay is not something that I can offer any competent advice on, so I won’t even attempt. What I can speak to is what kinds of accessories will make any convention goer’s day a little bit easier. Just like a long day in the park, a good backpack will be your best friend. It will hold everything you need, including water and snacks (Dave’s advice is no joke, stay hydrated people!), and you’ll have extra room for any treasures you pick up throughout the day. A folder will help keep any nice prints or pictures that you collect along the way smooth and straight till you get them home. A travel poster tube will also undoubtedly prove itself invaluable throughout the day.

As Disney fans, we are no strangers to lines and this mentality should definitely be taken into any convention experience. No other conventions will totally compare with the spectacle that is the D23 Expo, but if you pack a good attitude and manage your expectations, you’ll be sitting neat and pretty.

Like the poster? It could be yours! Leave a comment for this blog post by midnight pacific time on September 30th for your chance to win a copy of the official San Francisco Comic Con 2017 poster with art by Joshua Middleton. A winner will randomly be selected from the entries received. Good luck and carpe kingdom!



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6 thoughts on “It’s a con life for me!

  • Justin

    Thanks for getting the blog up and running, off to a great start!

  • Fun post, so glad to see some active Mousetalgia blogging! It gives me more Mousetalgia goodness to look forward to!

  • Anthony M

    I like the new site. Solid tips for navigating a con… hope to make DragonCon 2018 my first experience.

    • Congratulations Anthony you’ve won the SFCC poster! Please send your mailing address to and good luck at DragonCon. Carpe Kingdom!

  • Lauren

    Love to read blogs, especially about Disney! Can we subscribe to these or just keep checking the website? Cheers from Australia! Lauren

    • Dave

      Your best bet is to follow us on social media (Facebook and Twitter) to see when new posts go up. We’ll share there when there is new content! Thanks for checking it out!!


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