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Thanks to D23 and a quick Internet connection, I had the chance to meet a couple of Disney legends this last weekend. As I left the event, I began to reflect how the autographs I had scored from Bob Gurr and Dave Smith felt like receiving a gold star on a school project or checking an activity off of my Disney To-Do List. It got me thinking about how as a Disney fan, there really have been significant milestones in my fandom career and how those events have shaped my goals for the future. While I consider myself a hard-core fan, the more that I learn makes me realize how little I really know. So I’ve come up with a series of quizzes to help get a handle of my Disney fan status. Points can be given or taken away depending on your answer, so make sure you’ve got your honesty ears on as you take my first Disney quiz, in honor of my D23 Legends encounter.

1. You can name at least 3 Disney Legends, living or dead: +1 point

2. In your home, you have framed photos of you and a Disney Legend: +2 points for each photo.

3. You know what the “X” in X Atencio stands for without Googling it: +3 points.

4. Due to past, stalker-like behavior, there is a photo of you behind the counter at City Hall on Main Street with the caption ” Do not allow this guest within 20 feet of any Disney Legend.” : -8 points

5. You can properly pronounce the Aristocat’s theme song crooner, Maurice Chevalier’s name: +2 points.

6. While visiting any of the parks, you’ve mistakenly asked a Legend what time the fireworks begin at, thinking that they were just another cast member or tourist: -12 points.

7. The reminder that Tim Allen, Frank Gifford and Barbara Walters are all Legends gets your knickers in a twist: +5 points.

8. The fact that Miley Cyrus and the Jonas Brothers have not yet achieved Legend status as of yet makes your blood boil!:- 15 points.

9. You’ve shaken hands with any of the following Legends: Marc Davis, Ward Kimball, Mary Blair or Thurl
Ravenscroft: +6 points per Legend/handshake.

10. You can rattle off the exact location of the window of any given Legend on Main Street: +2 points per window.

11. You’ve ridden in a Doombuggy with Bob Gurr: +200,000 points. (Just kidding. That last one was just for me.)

So, how’d you score? Does your score earn you Legendary status?


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