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Hey everyone!

Thanks for checking in. You’re part of a brand new community of Disney fans – and as such, you have the rare opportunity to help shape the direction of our discussion. What types of things would you like to learn about? What are you interested in discussing? All of us at Team Mousetalgia are hoping to really shape our podcasts and community toward the wishes of our listeners and fans.

Of course, we have started this venture with a game plan in mind. As a team, we really love Disneyland. We find it to be a place of creative renewal, of discovery, and of extreme play. At times, we’ve described the place as being too crowded and exhausting – but we’ve also had discussions about how the resort also typifies man’s quest for eternal bliss; a slice of heaven right here on earth, as it were. We recognize the park as being a complex social experience, and a great collaboration of some of the greatest creative minds of the twentieth century. And we celebrate the incredible mark Walt Disney has left on popular culture and American impact on modern entertainment values and innovations, with Disneyland Park a prime example.

So talk to us. Use our forums. Give us a call on our hotline at 1-888-798-9298. Write to us at And above all, listen to the podcasts and give us feedback. We want this to be your favorite new chunk o’the net. Help us make it so.

See you real soon!


Jeff is one of the hosts of the Mousetalgia Podcast! Learn more about him and how to find him on social media, at our ABOUT page.

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