Ep. 721: D23 Expo tickets, Disneyland history tour

Happy Easter! This week, we take a trip to Disneyland with 1955 guest Kit Reichow, who first visited Disneyland in his wonder years in September 1955 and never stopped visiting. We take a look at the park through the eyes of a guest who grew up alongside the park, and consider how things have changed throughout the history of the Disneyland Resort. Listen as we walk through the park chatting about topics including Rainbow Ridge, Mr. Lincoln, Disneyland Jail, and lots of general trip tips. We also are going to talk about the experience of purchasing tickets to the D23 Expo last week (spoiler alert: there were problems) and discuss a recent event at the Walt Disney Family Museum with two very aspirational Pixar employees who started their Pixar careers in the Pixar gift shop.

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