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EP 119 Beast’s Library Closing it’s Doors +Plus Sneak Peek at Disney’s WISH 🌟

Essential Magic Key news, and an exclusive sneak peek into Disney’s newest animation film, “Wish.” Plus, discover a unique way to add magic to your stay with Dream Crafted Celebrations! Newly opened Adventureland treehouse details. Previous Dream Key Holders, mark your calendars for January. Festival of the Holidays at DCA. NEW Cold Brews like one at Pym’s Test Kitchen, Check out a new company that popped up for Disney-themed celebration boxes delivered for your Disneyland vacation. Disney+ DEEP Dive into “Loki” Season 2 time-bending FINALE, and the family-friendly animated film “Wish,” hits theaters this week. 

🔗 [Link to Dream Crafted Celebrations]

🔗 [Disney’s “WISH”]

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