Ep. 675: 31 days of Disney Halloween Treats

It’s the spooking season, and we are welcoming October with a spectre-tacular eek-isode of Mousetalgia. First, Jeff takes us back in time and walks us through his 2003 trip to the sets of Walt Disney Pictures’ “The Haunted Mansion,” and Kristen offers 31 days of Disney-related treats for Halloween. Everything from playlists to pastimes, boos to books – and even a recipe for “Goofy’s Green Fish Mousse” (and a Mousetalgia challenge to boot!) From scary Disney movies to YouTube recommendations, we offers ways for you to bring the spooky to every day of October through Halloween. Plus – our top underrated Disney films, and more!

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One thought on “Ep. 675: 31 days of Disney Halloween Treats

  • David Millard

    Here is my Halloween Cocktail Recipe for the 31 Day’s of Halloween.

    Tinker Bell’s Bloody Fairy Cocktail

    1 1/2 oz(3 parts) Bottled Moon Beams (Vodka),
    1/2 oz(1 part) Crocodile’s Tears (Lemon juice),
    3 oz(6 parts) Tiger Lily’s War Paint (Tomato juice),
    Pixie Dust (Pepper, Salt)
    Shadow Juice (Worcestershire Sauce)
    Peter Pan’s Secret Sauce (Tabasco Juice)
    Captain Hook’s Fingers (Green Olives stuffed with Almonds)
    Never Land shrubbery (Celery Stalks)
    Rocks from the Mermaid’s Lagoon (Ice Cubes)

    Add dashes of Shadow Juice, Peter Pan’s Secret Sauce, and Pixy Dust into highball glass, then pour all ingredients into highball with rocks from Mermaid’s Lagoon. Stir Gently

    Garnish with Never Land shrubbery and Captain Hook’s Fingers on a pick (optional).
    Fly Responsibly!

    David Millard


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