Mousetalgia Episode 621: Earth to Ned, Felix and the Monsters

This week, Mousetalgia welcomes our alien overlords as we discuss the new Disney+ series “Earth to Ned” with executive producers Joe Freed of Marwar Junction productions and Vince Raisa of the Jim Henson Company. Joe and Vince explain the genesis of the show, talk about the series’ special guests, and tell some behind-the-scenes stories about the production of this innovative new talk show which is literally out of this world. Then, Kristen talks to author Josh Holtsclaw, who happens to be a graphic designer for Pixar, about his new book, Felix and the Monsters. Josh tells us about his career path and his work as an illustrator, the story behind writing the book, and what it was like to work with his co-author, who happens to be his wife. Plus – we discuss our favorite Ron Miller productions, just because!

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