Mousetalgia Episode 559: Olympic Game Farm, Happy Haunts Materialize

This week, Jeff and Kristen take you on a True Life Adventure to Sequim, Washington to visit the Olympic Game Farm, which was home to some of Walt Disney’s most famous animal actors in his nature films. The farm’s president Robert Beebe talks to Mousetalgia on location about his grandfather Lloyd Beebe, the game farm’s founder, about the hundreds of nature films Lloyd shot for Walt and the techniques he used to train wild animals to do specific tricks and motions for the movies. Also – Disneyland unearths a new exhibit in the Disney Gallery titled “Happy Haunts Materialize” celebrating 50 years of the Haunted Mansion, and Jeff takes a moment to talk all about the exhibit and describes some of the treasures that can be seen within. Plus – a moment at ACE Comic Con, and Beci Mahnken joins us to talk summertime snacking at the Disneyland Resort!

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