Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire Outpost Review

Bright Suns!

What can I say but WOW!!! Star War’s Galaxy’s Edge: Black Spire Outpost is visually STUNNING and is everything that has been promised! I can say with absolute certainty that it was worth the wait. Everything about this land transports you to another place and time and makes you feel as though you are on another planet in a galaxy far, far away!

I was fortunate to visit on opening day- as were Mousetalgia Dave and Dateline Mousetalgia’s Nicole and Jenn Diz- (who have all provided excellent and detailed reports of opening day!) and thought that I may share my experience at Black Spire Outpost and give some tips that may help you when you visit.



Black Spire Outpost is a Star War’s fans dream come true when it comes to merchandise. From Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities to the Marketplace you can find anything from Jedi robes, lightsabers, plush creatures, home accessories, etc.  Fortunately for Disney- and unfortunate for my wallet- it is VERY easy to spend money here!

We did purchase a Luke Skywalker Lightsaber at Dok-Ondar’s Den of Antiquities. Talk about a cool souvenir! The hilt ($129.99 for this model) is well made, heavy with metal components and when you turn it on it makes the classic buzzing sound along with this amazing glowing blade ($49.99). Each hilt also comes with its own special presentation case that has a unique chevron on the outside. It was pricey but so worth it! Annual Passholder discounts are accepted in this shop so that may help you to justify your purchases. Dok-Ondar’s shop was so incredible. You can stand in the middle of the shop and just be amazed at all of the artifacts on the walls. And not to mention, Dok-Ondar himself is in the shop!

We also purchased a Porg ($49.99) at the Creature Stall. This shop is so cute and has all kinds of out of this world creatures for you to adopt (i.e. purchase) and take home. Each creature comes in a carrying case— we wouldn’t want any creatures escaping and running around Batuu! Be sure to check out all the critters that live in this shop.

Another fun shop we made purchases at was Toydarian Toymaker. This merchant provided artisanal toys that were made to look handmade. We found an adorable Princess Leia and Ewok plush doll that we just had to have.

Even if you don’t plan on making a purchase, I urge you to go into any of these shops and explore. There are so many items that are aesthetically pleasing to the eye and little hidden gems just begging to be spotted.



Docking Bay 7 Food and Cargo provides a cafeteria-style quick service lunch. The menu is very limited, but the food tasted great and even offered a meat-free option along with a few kid-friendly meals. I highly recommend the Felucian Garden Spread which consists of plant-based Kefta, hummus, tomato-cucumber relish and pita bread. All meals are served in a dish along with metal sporks and it really lends to the utilitarian atmosphere and theming of the restaurant.

Ronto Roasters is another quick service eatery. I tried the Ronto Wrap which consisted of a grilled sausage, cole-slaw, and roasted pork wrapped in a pita style bread. It was a little difficult to eat  but it actually tasted pretty good!

The Milk Stand provides both blue and green milk ($7.99 each). We had to try the blue milk which had a pina colada-ish taste to it. My daughter loved it, but I had a hard time getting past the color to enjoy it!

I was not able to get into Oga’s Cantina. I had two separate reservations and on both tries’ was unsuccessful and told that they were capped for capacity for the time during my reservation.  I understand that there is now a new operational process on getting into the cantina, however, I would advise you to check with Disneyland on what process they are implementing before you go if this is a must-do on your list in Black Spire Outpost.

While the food I did try was great tasting, there is a lack of snack foods available. I would advise you to get your snacking foods before entering, especially if you have small children with you. Other than soda’s, waters, and popcorn at Kat Saka’s Kettle there are no other snack food options in Black Spire Outpost.



At this time the only ride that is operational is Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run. The queue is amazing and beautifully styled. Hondo Ohnaka, one of the most life-like animatronics I’ve ever seen, greets you and explains what he is looking for. As you proceed past Hondo and walk down the hall into the Millennium Falcon you get this rush of excitement that you’re on board the Falcon! Once inside you’re treated to a visual delight and will recognize lots of features and props that are just perfect for any photo opportunities. Once inside the cockpit you will assume the role of pilot, gunner, or engineer. All roles must work together to have a successful run and earn credits. It’s a great ride, lots of fun, and never a dull moment. My only advice for this ride is that if you are prone to severe motion sickness, proceed with caution!


Brush up on your Batuuese because the lingo in Black Spire Outpost is something entirely new! I heard many phrases and even had some natives of Batuu come up to converse with me, but I had no idea what they were talking about! “Bright Suns” is a greeting for “hello” during the day; “rising moons” for nighttime. “’Til the Spire” is a fun way to say goodbye and “may the spires keep you” means “good journey”. When I first entered Black Spire Outpost I was on a mission to find where I could purchase a lightsaber. I was told by one of the natives that they refer to those as “scrap” and to not let the First Order hear or see your scrap. Those Stormtroopers are always around so watch out and keep your scrap on the down low!


We downloaded the free Play Disney Parks app while in the park. This was a fun way to pass the time and walk around exploring the new land. The app provides a Datapad that is accessible only while in Black Spire Outpost. There are objects to be scanned, languages to be translated, and even secret communications to be listened to. The app provides an entertaining and immersive element to this new land.



‘Til the Spires!


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