Sunday Morning, Disney Style.

I had such a leisurely Sunday morning today, which was a nice change of pace. Waking up after 8, I whipped up some homemade waffles and boiled water for tea. Tea is an essential part of my day. (I abandoned coffee years ago because I could never get the grounds-to-water ratio right in the coffee maker.) I take my tea very seriously – whether to go loose leaf or bagged, by the pot or single cup, everyday Twinnings or special occasion Fortnum and Mason – it’s almost a religious experience for me. So this morning, because I was feeling decadent about sleeping in, skipping church and making waffles, I decided to go all out with a loose leaf Fortnum and Mason, and to make it extra special, got down my favorite Pirates of the Caribbean mug and steeped up the perfect brew in my Mickey tea ball. Accompanied by the spectacular sounds of The Dave Brubeck Quartet “Dave Digs Disney” I brewed a delicious cup of tea in the perfect Mickey tea ball in my favorite Pirates mug and my day was off to a sensational start. (BTW, if you are not familiar with Dave Brubeck, especially this particular album, please please please – do yourself a favor and check it out. It will change your ears forever.)

The whole morning just got me to thinking – little things like a Disney classic courtesy of a jazz legend, accompanied by a lovely cup of tea brewed in the head of Mickey Mouse, served in a Pirates mug can really set a Sunday apart. So as Monday morning draws near, maybe we should all figure out a way to set it apart with a little Disney magic. In my experience, every Monday needs a little magic, and what better way to set the bar for the week than with something Disney.


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