Vitamin Water edges out Orange Fanta

This isn’t breaking news, but worthy of note: it looks like the outdoor vendors in carts at DLR no longer are offering Orange Fanta, which has long been the Official Podcasting Drink™ of Mousetalgia. Now, you can get VitaminWater by Glaceau in the Dragonfruit flavor at most carts instead, which is much easier to guzzle than carbonated Fanta, but hardly a worthy substitute, despite the infusion of vitamins and minerals. In related news, instead of serving Evian as the table water at Club 33, you now are offered electrolyte-enhanced SmartWater by Glaceau. In staying with the Mousetalgia tradition of keeping our listeners informed, I decided to lunch at Club 33 last week to perform a taste test on the SmartWater. I can report that the newer water offered at the club, while refreshing, had no notable impact on the final dining experience whatsoever, which I presume is what you would hope of your dinner table water.

A random taste test of Disneyland’s tap water (as found outside of the Fantasyland Theatre by the Enchanted Cottage) found that liquid to be refreshing as well, possibly due to its coolness factor. Still, nothing compares to Orange Fanta, which can still be found from the tap at dining locations and in the outdoor fruit sales locations.

Bottoms up!


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