Visit the Haunted Mansion with Mousetalgia!

Mousetalgia Episode 6 – our spooktastic Halloween episode – is now online! Join Dave, Jeff, Kristen and Becky as they celebrate the spooking season with an in-depth look at Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion. Jeff puts on his “Chef Mayhem” persona and offers expert commentary on the Haunted Mansion from his years of operating fansite, and the rest of the crew offer additional perspective and insights.

Did you know that the Haunted Mansion utilizes special effects technology from 4 separate centuries? Or that the attraction includes “hidden Mickeys,” the famous mouse-ear sillhouette hidden inside the ride? Did you know that the Imagineers struggled to come up with a storyline and narrative for the attraction, and that the ride we know and love is actually a combination of two very different creative perspectives? Learn about all of this, and much more, in our hour-long audio discussion of the world’s most popular haunted attraction.

Also in this episode – Haunted Mansion sound effects, favorite Disney villains, Tink drops by, and a spooktacular contest!

Carpe Kingdom!


P.S. You’ll want to be sure to tune in Nov. 1st to hear our exclusive conversation with Margaret Kerry, who was the original reference model for Tinker Bell from the 1953 classic Peter Pan. She talks about everything from working with legendary animator Marc Davis to her opinion on Disney’s re-packaging of Tink as a modern fairy in the new film. Don’t miss it!


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